It’s day 3 of me avoiding everything wheat, rye, and barley!

  I’m not one to constantly consult with on-line medical sites, being of the persuasion that I can most likely self-diagnose myself into a complete basket case. The other day, however, I happened onto a link that caught my eye. It may have been on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest – I don’t remember which. Thank you to whoever posted it, though! At first I was a bit skeptical – Dr Oz popularizes so many aspects of medicine that I usually take him with a grain (or two!) of salt. But, there is always something solid as a foundation, not just fads, so it was worth looking a bit further, I thought. And, I’m glad I did! Here’s the link to the page that caught my attention:

Gluten Sensitivity Self-Test

  Out of the 9 test symptoms, I am a solid positive on 6, and an “occasional” 2 more. The only one not applicable is having been diagnosed with IBS or acid reflux. Interesting. So, in view of my general skepticism I visited several other sites regarding gluten intolerance/celiac and got confirmation to these symptoms. Hmmmm….!

  Without going into detail about my specific “case”, lets just say that the digestive tract aspect of all these symptoms have been the most bothersome, by far. The ongoing fatigue and “brain fog” are close seconds, and the joint pain & aches have hit my left hip & leg really hard the last few years. If you’ve read previous entries here in my blog you also know that I spent an awful long time in the abyss of depression. Migraines & headaches only rarely hit me, but when they do, they’re all-consuming. By now it’s been quite a long time since I had an eczema-like rash on the palms of my hands, but I get occasional small rashes.

  I was almost jubilant at finally finding a very plausible explanation for my 20+ year malaise! So, with little ado I have now embarked on a 2-3 week “test” to see if eliminating that gluten from my diet will clear things up. Here, at the end of day 3, things are looking pretty promising: the fatigue is already lifting, as is the brain fog, and the digestive tract gives indications of beginning improvement… The hip & leg are still at least as bothersome as “before”, but – miracles take a little longer, as they say!

  For now, I’m not looking into pasta & bread substitutes, or special recipes in general because I’m fortunate enough to love fruits & vegetables, potatoes are one of my mainstays anyway, and rice is always on my rotation. So instead of a couple of cookies or a quick sandwich to stave off hunger, I now reach for fruit, avocado, potato… not really a hardship, at all! I’m just so grateful that I can keep my dairy – that would be very hard for me to cut out completely.

  At the end of day 3, then, I’m quite optimistic, and hoping that the improvements are not just a placebo effect due to the elation of having found an explanation for all my symptoms. Best of all: the treatment is the same for all of them!

  Finally: One of my pet peeves is that so many people misspell my name, Cecilia, as Cecelia – well, maybe it’s been a cosmic hint all along… ceCELIAc (IF that’s what it turns out to be).


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