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The Analysis

  Analysis in my case is just another word for over-thinking. Realized the depth of those roots, too, after yesterday’s posting! Another paralyzing trap I’ve fallen into…

  So that’s where courage & enterprise have gone!

  It’s much like “they’ll call”. But “they” don’t – you’ve got to “call them”! Now – there’s an insight (took me long enough!).

  Some people say that you are in control of your own destiny. That I disagree with, but to a certain extent there’s truth in it – it IS a “call to action” (another overused term, these days), and without the action (“call them”) you end up waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for life to happen. Which – I guess – in a way is also a destiny, but probably not what most of us had in mind…

  Making that call becomes very confusing, not so much scary, when you, like me, have de-passioned yourself. It is difficult to re-gain passion, on any level, and probably most difficult in the arena of occupation – whether for profit (i.e., employment) or for recreation (hobby, etc.).

  I had put my passion into Real Estate Appraising, which is now part of the past (my past), in fact it is one of the hardest things for me to put a lid on! The feeling of having been cheated & betrayed still creeps in, almost daily. And also the regret at not having fought harder for it…


  In a way, I “made the call” just by starting in on this reviving/refurbishing/re-inventing of my TheStupidAppraiser presence! I so enjoy hacking away at programming code, but only know enough to be “dangerous” (hit-n-miss approach). That is where I will go – learn to write my own PHP! Also, advance from the very basic/simple HTML I have been using all these years, to actually get comfortable with CSS and some more “sophisticated” & modern tags – and maybe some scripting, too.

  It’s not rocket science (I leave that to my son…)



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