Goal Setting and Semantics

  This posting was starting to brew this morning, before I even performed my “morning checks” – e-mail, Facebook, blogs, USGS (wouldn’t want to miss an earthquake!). The way it developed before I got to this point, the actual writing of the post, is bizzarrly interesting, I think!

  My kindred spirit, Karen, on FB (Facebook) and I were both looking for “motivation” for the day. She’s writing her first novel and has been expanding her web presence considerably in the last month, or two, and I’ve struggled to keep up with all her who, what, wheres. Conversely, I, too, have been stepping out, in the past few months, re-vamping web presences and adding new facets to them. Even though I have made great strides, there’s still something lacking. The spark, the motivation is missing. The blogs/websites and stores are looking really nice and I’m very happy with them, but it’s the old “what if they threw a party and nobody came?”. I need a guest list, so I can invite people to my parties, so to speak! But – I’m flailing, like swatting at flies.

  Karen and I ended our conversation, heading off to look for that elusive motivation. I decided that a concerted effort was of the order to wrap my brain around Karen’s blogs and pages, so that’s where I went next. Karen’s latest blog post was about “being backwards” (loosely quoted!), and how she found that skipping forward in her writing to actually compose the ending chapter was important for the rest of the story.

  Ka-ching! That’s exactly what this blog post is all about!

  At first it may sound much like the same thing, having a dream and having goals. I’ve been bemoaning not having dreams, or even dreaming, for a long time – and then, this morning something clicked. a couple of synapses sparked and insight was gained: you have goals and dreams, but to get to them you have to set goals! The goals set the scene for your dream(s). Without the goals, the dream is unattainable – the goal is to attain that dream! The goals become a kind of intermediate dreams, stepping blocks towards the ultimate goal.

  For way too long I’ve been without true motivation, without a dream, and with only muddled goals – generic hopes for “things to get better”. I’ve been unable to seek out a productive path towards attaining those intermediate dreams – i.e., goals – despite having a vague idea as to what would help things along. Overthinking the order in which these goals should be accomplished has further immobilized me. Wittling away at all the small things, the seemingly menial goals, having encouraging successes through them, is helping “clear the skies”, build confidence and make the beast (me) move forward!

  For me, it all came down to semantics in the end – goals, instead of dreams, are giving me HOPE!

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