Appraisal Institute Applauds Freddie Mac’s Revised Guidelines

This goes beyond assuring the client of a good product – this actually casts dispersion on us non-affiliated appraisers! So we’re less competent? So we’re less educated? So we’re less ethical?

If all that is true, then what is inferred is that non-affiliated appraisers do not follow USPAP.

Ex-cuse me.

The elitism is, again, blatant. I’m sorry, ’cause in my early days I really did think that maybe AI affiliation would be something to strive for.

I have found over the years that AI members do like to use jargon a lot and use the theory of this and the theory of that applied to hypothetical situations. Yes, I guess if education means knowing the exact names and definitions of different theories, then I’m not as educated. However, in 25 years I’ve encountered ONE assignment that defeated me (lack of geographical competence that I for various reasons was unable to overcome at the time), and ONE complete brain-fart that to this day makes me blush in the middle of the night. That second one got straightened out but made me realize that being overworked and overheated (weather wise) is a very bad combination.

FREA, NAIFA – who else? Where are you?

Where am I, for that matter? And YOU?

Should we save our industry and independence, or is it not worth saving?

Just saying….

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