Start reading at the beginning of each category to get with it!

Here we are, the current (well, sort of!) category. New entries go mostly into this cat.
FORWARD! (The Un-Sticking Process)Trying to make the lid fit!

This is how it started:
The Stupid AppraiserWith eternal gratitude to Frank/Dodd & FNMA (and the Institute…)

And, all along, there are the other “rants” & “raves”…
In GeneralAs if the above were not enough….!

Bottoming out, clawing back up, some Basal Cell Cancer. All in a vacuum!
The Stripes of The ZebraIt IS all my fault – it’s how I am!

Taking a stand against the past, vowing to go … FORWARD!
Just Call Me BOBShort but significant category – a stepping stone!

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