TheStupidAppraiser Lives an AviationArtLife

If you’re an appraiser (of real estate) you know how it is: you can hardly quit talking about it.

If you’re an artist, apparently you can’t stop talking about that.

Part of the crux of blending the two is that our computer stations are set-up in the same room, and close to each other at that. I’ll blurt things out from within my context, and hubby will reciprocate from within his context. So we continually disrupt eachother.

Fortunately, hubby doesn’t actually paint or sculpt right in this room, so there are some extended periods of time when I can regain a vague grasp on what I was doing. These days that’s hard to accomplish because of too many irons in the fire and somewhat lack of direction. When I was actively appraising, the focus was easier.

Mostly, I’m trying to develop both this, my blog, and hubby’s blog into something that you just can’t resist – you absolutely have to come back again and again to find more. (I can dream, can’t I?)

This Front Page is still being developed – up until now took you to my latest blog post, but realizing that this was confusing since I’m referencing the website/blog both in appraiser AND aviation(art) environments, I thought it better to have this static page as a starting point.

To the right you see the titles of my most recent posts, and you can read more by choosing from the drop-down categories. Or, see if I had any thoughts by the month. Robert’s Aviation Art is linked, above, along with some other interesting reads. Lighten my load some and take a look at the “STUFF” and “USED BOOKS” – I need the space! There will be more to come, too.

I welcome comments & exchanges, but refuse to get into heated arguments – just be forewarned on that… 😉

Now – please enjoy the read, and thanks for visiting.


(originally posted JUL 18,2009)

MAR 19, 2010

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