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Packing It Away

  I’ve decided I’m going to use symbolism to help me move forward with my life. Maybe that’ll trick my recalcitrant brain? It’s so frustrating to basically recognize the myriad of things I’m doing wrong and yet fail at the attempts to right them, i.e., ultimately reverting to the same old behavioral/thought patterns that caused the stagnation in the first place.

  It may sound silly, but the first symbolic step will be to take down the Christmas decorations. They are, after all, a carry-over from last year – and last year didn’t go anywhere (at least not anywhere good?). Usually, I’m loathe to take the decorations down, I love them and since we get the tree kind of late (around the 15th) it usually stays nice and fresh well into the new year, so the target date to end the festivities is normally Epiphany (Jan 6th). That is still in time for the last curb-side tree pick-up by the trash collectors, too.

  The first step was to not turn the outside lights on last night. Today, they’ll have to come down and get packed away. Some other defrocking may also take place, but – ta-da! – I’m not going to stress over the process and therewith set myself up for a minor failure. Whatever gets done, gets done. It ain’t goin’ nowheres… I’ll miss the decor, all the red textiles, the candles, the angels, the gnomes, the rams and reindeer, the garlands, the twinkly-lights.

  Even though the very same decorations will re-join us again for Christmas THIS year, the packing away will be very deliberate this time, packing with a purpose so-to-speak! Symbolically putting a lid on not just the past year, but on the past, period.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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