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I Can’t Let Go!

  After all this time, I STILL keep an eye on my beloved old industry. It was refreshing to see this article in the OC Register, today – take a read (it’s pretty short):

Is There A Recourse For Low Appraisal?

  It’s Mr. Johnson’s response that is the refreshing part! He’s basically saying what I’ve been re-iterating all along, that things have been regulated to a point where there’s no room for mis-steps – until you get to the appraiser. Basically, everybody else is sitting good and tight, able to “blame” some government agency or department – that can’t be sued, including the Federal Reserve by now, until you get down to the appraiser, who due to these, and many more, rules, regulations, and restrictions is required to perform the impossible or be out of work. BTW – independent R.E. Appraisers who were forced out of business (like yours truly!) don’t show up on the unemployment rosters…

  I subscribe to two Yahoo! Groups for appraisers in California. I keep an eye on the debates, of course (rarely do two appraisers agree 100% on any given issue, LOL), but seeing how this industry is being manipulated to be forced out is a very sad thing. Consider the fact that this is a profession where the basic tenet is to serve “The Public Trust”, and we are therefore barred from “unionizing” or even discussing typical fees, or other charges (hourly, for example, in cases involving court appearances, etc.) at conferences, seminars, and the like – for the danger of “price fixing”.

  I thought I was going to be The Stupid EX-Appraiser once I let my license lapse – but it’s in my blood, and I miss it. Darn!

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