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You Can Quote Me On That!

  The “self discovery” business is, quite obviously, a long and on-going process. I’ve been laboring with all kinds of issues, trying to reason my way back to sanity. The hardest part is probably being honest about the current state of “affairs” – not “world affairs”, but rather my own. By that I mean the continued prying into my own fears and faults, not allowing a cop-out along the way. That has been, and still is, the hardest part for me because I love the “easy way out”. Not that I don’t like a challenge, but when it comes to things that I consider useless, pointless, redundant, etc., I’d rather just they go away, leave me alone, because they seem inconsequential to me, not worth wasting time on.

  This whole process is going on within myself, with myself, by myself. What I mean by that is that I’m not looking for a solution to be handed to me by the outside world. Which brings me to the trail of the title of this posting.

  I have discovered that I’m not alone in my quest for self-discovery. Yes, I know, that is one big news flash, but I had to state the obvious, here, to get to my point. Social media has been a great thing for me, both for re-kindling old friendships, making new friends, and generally getting to know new and very diverse people to varying degrees. And, not to forget, staying in touch more regularly with “current friends”, too! I have found that in this virtual world I have plenty of company as far as “lost souls” goes, people who, like me, are interested in a myriad of things, not necessarily delving into each one all the way, just enough to keep the brain a little on it’s toes. Most also seem to have at least one genuine passion, something that HAS to stay with them even if in their quest for self-discovery they find that it hinders them in other areas. Much like R.E Appraising in my case (see previous post!).

  Lately, it seems, there’s been an increasingly widespread trend to express one’s stance, and/or purely look for reaction/validation through feedback, by posting endless quotes, either in pure text format – copied & pasted from somewhere, not purposedly sought out – or through graphic representations, often accompanied by cartoon characters to help illustrate the point (?). A fair number of these cartoons are of a more poignant humurous nature, some are downright “dirty”. So, I’m no prude and I don’t shock easily along those lines, but there’s such a constant stream of these “postings” showing up, I’m starting to wonder if anybody is bothering to form their own, original thought anymore. let alone opinion?

  A borrowed quote is like a shield, protecting you from having to truly take a stand. A borrowed quote is open to everyone’s interpretation, including it’s originator, so we really only have the expression of the results of the originator’s thought processes before us – we don’t necessarily know how s/he arrived at them. Oftentimes, quotes are taken out of their original context, as well, adding to the inadequacy of their use as freestanding statements. It is then relatively easy for the “quotor” to shrug off opposing views, that may be voiced in feedback, by simply negating full adoption of the originator’s view.

  The sad part, I find, is that these rapid-fire quote postings reflect a desperate, a frantic search by the poster for instant Panacea in their own world of confusion, not realizing that nobody else outside of themselves can think their thoughts for them, nor solve their problems. A borrowed quote can help one along on the road of self-discovery, but it is a rare occasion, indeed, when insight is instantaneous. Without deep consideration, most of even the best quotes become little more than quips, and I think we loose out once the sit-com effect of it wears off – and no personal insight was gained.

  Personally, I will continue trudging through the mess I’ve let myself create, and will occasionally let myself get nudged by the well-timed appearance of some pertinent quote. Chances are, though, that I’ll run across that quote in an unexpected and possibly unlikely “place” – not in the social media.

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