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Beef! (by the queen of procrastination)

 …and so it goes, again this year…
down to the wire, despite best intentions to get on top of it – every year…
once they’re done, the relief is so great – why, oh why? – do I do this to myself???
over and over again…

  Among my many “incomplete” blog posts was this one. I wanted to take it further, but that never happened, either…

Written Jan 24, 2012
  So, the tax-return documents are starting to dribble in, reminding me of that most despised chore of preparing the yearly return. Unless you’re preparing a 1040EZ there are just way too many instructions – and sometimes they’re not all that clear, either. Every year I wonder if this is really necessary. There are so many “if’s” and exclusions/exceptions, it’s no wonder a whole industry of tax preparers has emerged. Then it also makes me wonder about all kinds of protesters who infer that somehow the big-money guys are cheating on their taxes. Sure, there’s bound to be some of that, but when you start looking at all those exclusions, etc., even just dealing with small-fry, like us, you’ve got to realize that a good legal team will easily find the best (for the client!) way to invest and distribute in order to minimize the tax burden – legally!

“Those rich bastards want it all to themselves!”

  Really? Philanthropy is still alive and well. True philanthropy does not seek fame, hence you don’t typically see big news stories about it. Philanthropy is not something mandated and enforced with a gun. Philanthropy is voluntary and is dedicated to a cause (or more than one) near and dear to the philanthropist and benefits others involved in that cause. Because the entire contribution concentrates on that cause, it’s effectiveness is high – IOW, it accomplishes a lot of good and the population, overall, gains from it.

  Through philanthropy, you can “make a difference” specifically where you want to make a difference. With taxes, not so!

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