Old Fashioned Green

“Waste Not, Want Not…”

That’s what I grew up with, and I still can’t bring myself to throwing out leftovers (at least not until they’re starting to move by themselves…). Clothes – well, they don’t go to charity, not because I ‘m stingy but because by the time I consider them worn out, nobody would want them. Scraps of wood, an odd piece of string, various cardboard – you just never know when it might come in handy, right? And it IS amazing how much actually does get re-used and re-purposed!

Plastic Bag Ban In Los Angeles

So, the Big City in the County just to the North of us is gearing up to institute a ban of the convenient plastic shopping bags. Specifically those so generously supplied by the grocery stores seem to have been the trigger for this. I’m just amused when I think back to the -70’s and the “spare a tree” campaigns that ended up giving us these supposedly biodegradable plastic bags. But, things change – the Nuclear Winter was promptly followed by Global Warming…

Green Is, As Green Does

Maybe it’s an unfair advantage to have grown up learning how to preserve your resources? I remember Mom re-purposing her stockings as drip coffee filters. Later – in the -70’s, or so – she crocheted dog leashes and kitchen mats from discarded pantyhose. Laugh if you will, but these were very useful things. Not exactly fit for Rodeo Dr or Beverly Hills, but not offensive either.

Those maligned plastic bags have so many re-use possibilities. Dog walkers use them to clean up after the doggie, they’re handy to line small trash receptacles (like the ones that fit under the sink), you can put the vegetables from your garden in them, transport your plants from one spot to another, collect potato peels and other vegetable trimmings in the sink or on the counter, you can often use them as packing material (instead of styrofoam peanuts). AND, you can use them to tie your plants in the garden (the tan bags are less obtrusive for this). Here’s a simple way to make these really handy ties:

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