Holidays, and Other Interference…

  I love the Christmas season – and I hate it, too! Once the decorations are up, I want them to stay for a looong time, and I do love to slowly bring Christmas into the home. It starts with the 1st of Advent, the lighting of the first of the 4 candles. Usually, that’s also when the wreath goes on the door, and I start looking for the Lucia paraphernalia for St. Lucia on the 13th of December. Then, little by little, the rest of the decorations get re-discovered for the umpteenth time and the perfect placement of them determined. This usually leads to massive cleaning fits because so many nooks and crannies don’t get proper maintenance during the year, but now they will be highlighted by gnomes, angels, reindeer and candles, so the lazy-bug has to be driven out. Around the 2nd of Advent the outside lights tend to be installed, and on, or just after, the 15th of December the Christmas tree comes home.

  By now, of course, all those decorations are histoire, put away for another year, and the good tree was sent off to join the soil from hence it grew. Well, maybe not the very same soil, but generically speaking… The textiles have been washed and most of them actually already ironed – which may be a first. I hate getting around to ironing, but once I do it, it’s almost kind of fun. And, it does smell good, especially since I hang my laundry outside to dry.

  Realizing just how long it’s been since my last blog post, I think I’ll have to forego the excuses and just jump right back in! One major change worth noting, though, is that in the interim I had to get a new computer, which has quite seriously cramped my style… It was, of course, pre-loaded with Windows 7, and that really has me riling! Most of my old (yes, literally OLD!) software will not run on W7, but you guessed it – compatible versions are available FOR PURCHASE. Yeah, well – I just spent money on a new computer, and the several hundred $$$’s to “upgrade” those programs were not in the budget. Trying to make do with various free-ware applications now, but there’s a pretty steep learning curve involved for some of them, particularly the graphics program. Can’t blame them, the authors, because they obviously don’t want to be hauled into court over copyrights/trademarks, etc., but it is still quite a pain…

  This Valentine’s Day sees me closer to genuine “retirement”, meaning the more official version thereof, having shared one of those mile stone birthdays with the hoopla surrounding Phil, the Groundhog. At least people remember my birthday, thanks to him! So I’m now heading towards a more relaxed baseline from which to launch into other endeavors, which will seem like heaven after years of juggling priorities just to go nowhere. I’ve started looking at my genealogy research, again, and dug out the several boxes of old family pictures – some dating back to the late-mid 1800’s, many from the real turn of the century, and plenty more from my era. Then there is the missing folder of newspaper clippings & death and wedding notices, all from the early 1900’s! That safe place must be near all the proverbial socks missing from the dryer…

  My blog-namesake vintage Etsy shop is being resuscitated, I’ve re-listed some items and dug out more to be photographed and listed in the next few days (or so…), making for more variety and general interest. I least I hope so! I’m looking at starting off with felt patches, mostly relating to aviation and air show type events – some may not qualify as “vintage” by Etsy standards, so those I’ll offer here, if that is the case. I also have pin-backs, tacks, old analog watches, and some “various” memorabilia (including a couple of L.A. Olympics items). This will be FUN – whether you buy anything, or not, you should check the shop from time to time!

Molly & Manny

Molly & Manny


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  1. With my Christmas decorations happily packed away, I am looking forward to the Spring.

    One of the things I love about blogging is that it helps me to adhere to my commitments. I mean…I say things and make promises for all the world to read (or at least a handful of faithful readers). So re-working your vintage shop is now a “world-wide commitment.” 🙂

    Gerushia’s New World

    P.S. Love the photo of Molly and Manny.

    • Thanks, Kim! – I’ve had a very hard time finding “direction” for my blogs, but it’s finally starting to emerge. About time! Reviving the shop was easy, of course, but I’ve had a mental block for some reason when it’s came down to adding the other items. I guess you’re right: NOW I’m committed. Or, maybe I should BE committed, LOL.

      Trick will be to attract more readers, the only way to do that is by posting irresistible material on a regular basis. Which, of course, I will do from now on… 😀

      Watch out for one (or two) new links to be added in just a little bit.

      I appreciate you stopping by & commenting.
      <3 Cia.

  2. Yes, attracting more readers is definitely the key. I think it’s probably the most time consuming aspect of blogging. I have a list of my favorite blogs on my right side bar that I try to visit often. Early on, I found the only way to get people to my blog was to visit other people’s blogs and leave comments. It took a long time to establish a strong readership. Then….when I took a break and changed my name from Garden Painter Art to Gerushia’s New World, I lost my momentum. Still trying to get a good readership established.

    I used to blog everyday too. Now, I blog maybe once a week, if I’m lucky. Blogging often is important too.

    You’ll get a big readership soon, I believe. You have a lot of cool things to blog about ~ all the places you’ve lived, aviation, gardening, all your neat trinkets around the house. You’re well rounded!


    • Thanks, Kim.
      Yes, you hit it on the nail, I think, with the momentum aspect. – For a while I blogged every day on my ranting blog, TheStupidAppraiser, very short entries, but forced myself to do it before anything else that day. I found that to be very satisfying, but that was mostly just done for myself – I wasn’t going for readership, right then.

      I’m glad I’ve split things up into three blogs, but I have had a hard time, so far, deciding just what exactly to blog on each one! Thankfully I’m getting a better grasp on that, slowly but surely (in fact, there should be postings coming up really soon on both the other blogs).

      Three blogs also makes it easier to appreciate the associated links. Too many links in one place can easily get overwhelming, and I think that visitors just glaze over and skip them.

      Generating traffic & followers by visiting & commenting on other people’s blogs is definitely the main way to go, I agree with you. We all recognize that every comment & visit counts, so we’re inclined to reciprocate!

      Great stuff, Kim – I appreciate it.

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