Having a Good Day!

  I had a couple of sales from my La Vita Nuova shop – hurrah! This allowed me to make a small donation to WAGS, which makes me very happy! It wasn’t a big donation, but I hope I can do this on a weekly basis, and if sales pick up, maybe make the contributions a little more substantial. But this is a start!

  After a couple of days of non-SoCal weather (i.e., cold, and rain) today is a terrific spring day! I know, the calendar doesn’t say so, yet, but daylight savings was imposed on us overnight, so that’s kind of an un-official beginning of spring. Once again, the yard – both front and back – is getting away from me. The best intentions to start the clean-up early get thwarted by both the lazy-bug and “it’s too cold” every year. Two oleander trees in the back need trimming, one is about 2 years overdue but almost done, now. In fact, I just got back in from having chopped up the last session’s debris, so there’s not much to go. One limb, though, grows around an aerial wire, so I’ll have to be careful there. Ladder time! The other tree had been inhibited by neighbors’ wild-growing ficus and some other horrid tree for several years, so it is much less of a chore. Thankfully, the new owners (over 2+ years) ripped those nemesii out, so my yard is now overall much happier.

  The scramble is ON! I want the oleanders done before I allow myself to start in on the weeds. That may not be a good idea, but I can just see myself getting carried away with the weeds (which will take a while!) and the second oleander starting to bloom – and then, of course, I won’t have the heart to chop away at it. Re-train my brain at 62? Nah, I don’t think so, I’ll just have to live with it and put the energy into more useful modifications. Hah!

  “Having a good day” – indeed. Ever since my clothes dryer gave up its ghost a couple of years ago, I’ve been hanging my laundry out to dry on a line, the tried-and-true energy efficient way. Today has been an ideal day for that, hung out the sheets and they were dry less than an hour later. I thought it was really going to cramp my style when that dryer went out, but strangely enough, I actually don’t mind doing the laundry as much, now. And, it does smell so good. Of course, things can get a little tight during those rare stretches of rainy days, but that is, indeed, such a rare occurrence that it is a negligible factor!

  I don’t have to win the lottery, or be showered with gifts or compliments, or even have EVERYthing go my way to have a good day. Any day can be made into a “good day” so long as one’s attitude is right – it doesn’t take much once you learn to appreciate the little things in life! šŸ™‚

It must be Murphy’s day off!


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