Top Sirloin & Mac ‘n Cheese

top sirloin & mac'n'cheese

Top Sirloin & Mac'n'Cheese

Top Sirloin Steak (thin cut)
Home Made Macaroni & Cheese


3 tblsp margarine, 2-3 tblsp flour for a rue in medium saucepangradually add appx. 2 cups milk, whisking to make sure not lumpyOnce bubbling & no longer thickening, add as much cheese as you can afford (!) – abt. 4 oz, total. Best if at least 2 varieties. Salt, white pepper, a tad of nutmeg.

Par-boil 1/2 lb elbow macaroni, drain; mix well with sauce, pour into greased oven-fast dish, bake for appx. 10 minutes at 425-450 F until desired golden or darker brown.

This can be enhanced by mixing equal amounts of unseasoned breadcrumbs & parmesan and sprinkling on top.Thin-cut top sirloin steak and a mixed salad.

Bon apetit.