Budget Cuts, Gun Control, Universal Health Care, and – un-Common Sense?

  So I’m frustrated with “a few” things – do you care? Maybe not, but I just have to jot them down, somewhere. I’m not looking to start battles, and certainly don’t want to start another place for finger-pointing, so if you honor me with a comment to this blog entry, be forewarned that I will not approve “us vs. them” type comments! Not along party lines – “us” smart people vs. “them” idiots may be accepted, if kept generic enough… 😀

1)   What part of the budget is being cut? – The proposed increases are being cut, NOT the existing (???) budget.

2)   The ONLY positive impact of “gun control” and “gun buy-backs” is that criminals will have fewer guns to steal. They’ll still get them on the black market.

3)   Mandatory health insurance, if you don’t buy it, we’ll put a gun to your head and collect “your fair share” anyway. My fair share will cover birth control (including abortions), prenatal/pregnancy care, neo-natal care. At 62, that’s comforting.

4)   Reflecting on how the “Founding Fathers” were wrestling with issues to prevent this situation from ever becoming reality, I find that The Federalist Papers is a great resource to discover how timeless their thinking was, and how they were keenly aware of lurking threats to freedom in mankind’s nature. Granted, the language may seem antiquated and stilted to a modern reader, but it is also very precise, and – it is not intended for speed-readers. Freedom does not come lightly, and it can only be preserved with integrity and responsibility, individual responsibility – not somebody else’s!

  There! Load somewhat lightened – thanks for staying with me. I could dig so much deeper, but this will suffice for now….