New Old Stuff

A life like the flight of the bumble bee.  So now, fairly late in the game, whilst looking for a future and a direction to steer it in, a couple of grey cells crossed paths and LaVitaNuova was born. The New Life.

“The New Life” has so many levels to it, but the main “AHA”-insight was to both incorporate & build on all my past experiences, instead of continuing the futile hunt for something brand new. The old seen in a new light, dusted off, re-examined and given renewed appreciation. It is all so unique – mine, yours, theirs… – and a fascinating path to walk down.

The circle closed as I was looking for a name for my new etsy store, one where I was going to be offering vintage collectible aviation & military books and vintage cuff links. I realized that I actually have many other vintage & collectible items, as well, and whilst looking through old photos I ran across the wine label my late husband designed for my parents’ vineyard! And, THAT is your first clue in the game of name association regarding “LaVitaNuova”!

The Friday is still young – I salute you & wish you a fine week-end.