Doesn’t that sound good?

The new life is coming soon…

Connecting with the big wide world from the N.E. corner of the house, A.K.A. “the girl cave” – my refuge… It’s not that glorious, it needs fresh paint and new carpet, aside from general pizzazz. But, it is my lair and my rules!

The new life is being developed with this new blog, a new Etsy shop with other merchandise in addition to the books that I will transfer over from their current home at Staketet, and if the new life turns out to be a good life I will set up a Facebook page for it, too. My current Twitter may also get a name change & spruce-up!

Vintage according to Etsy is anything 20 years old, or older, which leaves me with some interesting collectible books and other items that don’t quite qualify, yet. Once LaVitaNuova opens on Etsy, I will create a section of some kind here on the blog to offer those not-yet-quite-vintage things. It’ll be worth while to give them a gander.

I’m in the middle of prepping some of my vintage items, getting them ready to populate LaVitaNuova on Etsy. It’s fun now, but it took me a while to get it in my brain how I wanted to display & then package them. Tomorrow should by all rights be photo shoot day – then full speed ahead.