Did it!

002F   I love getting busy, getting on a roll, finding direction – even if it comes & goes in spurts. In self defense to keep from going insane over my missing folder of old newspaper clippings, etc., I launched into one of my many other projects, namely organizing & listing the aviation related patches on Etsy! As an additional advancement I came up with a decent way to store them AND the cuff links in a manageable and clutter-free way. That in itself makes me see more sunshine…!

  Now, the pricing of these patches ended up being a game of educated guessing, so IF you go and take a look at my new listings, please don’t shy away – make me an offer, instead, and if it seems reasonable we’ll have a deal. Remember, too, that a whole bunch of my items will fit into a small USPS Priority Mail flat rate box, so fill’er up to save on shipping!

  OK, sales pitch is over… 😉

  Ever since I adopted little Molly from WAGS almost a year ago, and later Manny off the street (“hey lady, you want another dog?”), my heart has started bleeding more than ever before for all these animals who end up homeless, in cages, lacking the love & comforts they were all meant to enjoy. The wonderful people at WAGS give and give to them, but it’s just not the same – these pets deserve so much more. Many of them did know a better life, but were surrendered by the owner for various reasons, so the poor critters end up not understanding what they’re being punished for. Right now there’s a wonderful standard poodle waiting for a new home – his family was devastated by multiple serious health issues, all at once. Of course, and despicably, many others suffered some form of abuse, from neglect to intentional harm. Love and devotion by humans help all these little souls, some take longer to recover, emotionally, but most learn to trust, again.

  Pitch #2 – the donate pitch!

  I urge you to visit the WAGS website, read about them, and find their “donate” link. One way to donate is via Paypal, which makes it sooo easy. Even $5.- helps a lot, especially if you can do that on a weekly basis.

  As for me, I’ve only been able to very sporadically donate, on-line or in person, so far. What I’m hoping to do is to use a portion of whatever sales revenue is generated by my vintage Etsy shop from now on to make my contributions both larger, and more regular.

  Well, I hope that you might get inspired to adopt a pet and go to your local adoption group to meet your new buddy. If you are here in Southern California, I highly recommend that you hook up with WAGS, as they are very down to earth, loving of the animals, patient, and reasonable to deal with.

  It’s cold and windy, with a storm moving in late this evening, they say, so I’d better get ready to take my girls for their daily round-the-block news walk before we get drenched.